Marketing tools and software are used to promote and maintain relations with a market. They are also used by companies or organizations to get information about their target audience.

The best marketing tools have to be the ones that are going to provide your products with a competitive advantage over those of your competitors. There are many different types of marketing tools, and companies can choose which one is going to fit best with their business strategy.

Marketing tools help business owners maximize their profits and maintain a positive reputation among consumers. When businesses use marketing tools, they spend precious time, resources, and labor managing them, as well as adapting to the changing needs of their customers. These benefits have made marketing tools one of the most valuable assets nowadays businesses.

The most commonly used marketing tools are available on the Internet, so if you have your website, you should make sure that you choose what fits your business from these tools that are listed here. 

What Are Marketing Tools?

Marketing is the process of promoting or selling a product or service. Marketing tools are the various methods that companies use to market their products and services, such as advertising, branding, and public relations. And all of these can be quickly done by using some tools and software. 

Companies use marketing tools to help them make decisions about their products, target customers, or create advertising campaigns.

Why Do You Need Marketing Tools and Software?

Marketing tools help you grow your business to maximize your profits and make your product popular among target customers. To choose the best marketing tool, you should remember that it is always essential to understand what your customers expect to make the best decision. 

Let’s dive in to see what we have here…

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What Are Marketing Tools?

Why Do You Need Marketing Tools?

Types of Marketing Tools:

  1. Print advertising
  2. Project Management Tools
  3. Online Advertising Tools
  4. Marketing Automation Tools
  5. Lead Generation Tools
  6. Video Marketing Tools
  7. Event Marketing Tools
  8. Lead Capture and Conversion Tools
  9. Business Intelligence Tools
  10. Digital Asset Management Tools
  11. Data Reporting and Analytics Tools
  12. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tools
  13. Website Optimization and CRO Tools
  14. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tools
  15. Lead Nurturing and Email Marketing Tools
  16. Content Creation and Design Tools
  17. Social Media Tools
  18. Team Communication and Collaboration Tools


Types of Marketing Tools and Software:

Print advertising

Print advertising is one of the most common and effective media channels used in marketing. Print advertisements are often placed in magazines, newspapers, or billboards to reach a large audience and persuade them to buy a particular product. In print ads, you might show pictures and describe the features of your product to create an image that your target customers would not resist buying.

Project Management Tools

Nowadays, with the global economy relying on freelancers and digital agencies, more people need to make sure that they can effectively manage their time and get through a project by managing their workload. In today’s demanding world, you must have a system for time tracking to be able to work efficiently and complete your tasks on time.

  1. Scoro

    A digital business management platform is a must for any modern company, and most already use different software to help them run their businesses. Scoro offers an innovative solution that not just integrates with all the other tools that companies use, such as accounting software and CRM, but it also has features that most other platforms do not. For example, Scoro is focused on making SaaS implementation easy for clients who are managing their finances in QuickBooks.

  2. Workzone

    Workzone is an online workplace that provides remote teams with the tools they need to succeed. They are a collaboration platform that enables remote workers, companies, or organizations to connect, work together on projects and share their ideas. Workzone is the first place you turn when you want to create your workspace for your business or team, whether it’s all of your employees or virtual assistants.

  3. Filestage

    Filestage is a file transfer, storage, and sharing solution that can be securely accessed from all of your devices. It enables you to upload files easily through the web browser or mobile app, for instance, without having to use any third-party applications.

    With this one-of-a-kind collaboration platform, you can share content with unlimited people and provide them with real-time feedback on their work.

  4. Proprofs

    Proprofs is the leading online lesson marketplace, connecting students and tutors online. They offer more than 1 million hours of live and on-demand lessons every year, delivered by professional teachers from all over the world. You can find anything from high school math or science courses to college-level courses, such as English Literature or Calculus II.

  5. nTask

    nTask is a multi-platform task application that enables you to manage your projects, tasks, and reminders. They have been able to offer the best features and UI in the marketplace because we are built exclusively for mobile. Nowadays, people rely on their mobile devices more than ever before, and that’s why nTask is designed to be easy to use with just one tap.

  6. Redbooth

    Redbooth is a collaboration and communication tool, and it can be used to track projects. Projects can be tracked in the form of files, tasks, or messages. For instance, if there’s a project wherein you need to work with your team on getting 100 people recruited for your business over two weeks, you might create a file that has all of the information, such as contact names and phone numbers. There might also be an associated task for this project, like contacting 100 people in one week. This may have three different parts over three weeks, so it will involve setting up three various tasks with correlating subtasks. Finally, there would be a message specifically to the recruitment team for this project, including any notes or other instructions.

  7. 10,000FT Plans

    10,000FT Plans is part of the 10,000FT group that manages your progress and success. They are an online platform for entrepreneurs who want to get their start-ups off the ground. The company was founded by Scott Wagner in 2003 and had been successfully providing entrepreneurs with the tools they need to succeed ever since.

  8. TeamGantt

    TeamGantt is a project management software platform that offers several different features, some of which include: collaborative planning, customer feedback and reporting, online project task management capabilities, time tracking, and more. The software is ideal for companies who are looking to manage their work efficiently and make their projects go smoothly by streamlining processes.

  9. Proworkflow

    Proworkflow is a web-based project management software solution that helps organizations utilize their resources more efficiently. It’s been created to promote the effective use of time and resources by providing a streamlined, user-friendly interface. By eliminating the need to lug around physical project documents, up to 1/3rd of what it takes to complete a task can be saved each week.

Online Advertising Tools

In today’s age of technology, online marketing is constantly moving forward and catching up to consumers in search of the best advertising opportunities. Online marketers can use various tools to better align themselves with consumers.

  1. Google Keyword Planner

    Google Keyword Planner is an excellent tool for understanding the search terms and topics your competitors are trying to rank for, and you should be too. You can find out monthly keyword trends in your industry and in general, which is helpful because search terms change over time. Keyword Planner also offers a cost estimator to help you plan projects.

  2. Store Growers

    Store Growers is an online marketing tool that helps retailers get in front of their customers. They offer advertising, search engine marketing, social media marketing, and more. Store Growers offers services for small businesses and large brands alike, helping brands showcase themselves on different platforms to increase their visibility.

  3. AdStage

    AdStage is a platform that provides an all-in-one solution for marketers by providing tools such as ad management, campaign optimization, and customer data. AdStage’s features make it easy to execute advertising campaigns through Google AdWords and Facebook Ads (among others) because marketers can set everything up in the cloud via a browser.

  4. Keap

    Keap is a marketing company that provides many different marketing tools to help businesses succeed. They offer a range of services such as web design, email blast campaigns, and social media advertising. One of the most exciting features they have is the ability to upload an existing business logo for their packaging and turn it into a branded product!

  5. Klaviyo

    Klaviyo is one of the best project management tools for growing businesses. With Klaviyo, you get all of the features you need in a single platform to plan and manage your projects. Take a look at everything that Klaviyo has to offer, including team collaboration and task management capabilities.

  6. Perfect Audience

    Perfect Audience is a platform that empowers marketers to grow their businesses by creating one-to-one connections with customers. Marketers can use advertising automation software to deliver one-to-one content and promotions for customers, which helps these brands get noticed.

  7. EngageBay

    EngageBay is a marketing platform that helps businesses succeed and grow their business by providing several different marketing tools to help them get noticed. EngageBay offers several additional services, including email blast campaigns, social media marketing, and advertising automation software.

  8. HubSpot Ads Tracking Software

    HubSpot’s advertising software helps marketers and businesses grow their business by assisting them to target the best audiences while staying within their marketing budget. HubSpot’s software provides some different features, such as social media management and search engine optimization, to help businesses succeed.

  9. Bloomreach

    Bloomreach is designed to help businesses grow and succeed. Using powerful marketing tools such as email blast campaigns, social media management, and search engine optimization, Bloomreach allows companies to create conversations with those who matter most to them- their customers!

Marketing Automation Tools

Marketing Automation Tools is a set of tools that help businesses grow and succeed by providing the necessary marketing tools to help with customer outreach. These tools include email blast campaigns, social media management, search engine optimization, and more. Marketing Automation Tools offer outstanding services for any business that is looking for some expert advice on how to grow their business!

  1. Autopilot

    Autopilot is a marketing software company that helps businesses grow and succeed by providing several quality marketing tools to help. They offer everything from email blast campaigns, social media management, and search engine optimization- to more! With the best tools for any business, autopilot wants to help you achieve success. Take a look at what autopilot has to offer and try it out. You’ll be glad you did!

  2. Act-On

    Act-On is a marketing automation software company that provides quality solutions for marketers to help with business growth. Act-On software helps businesses grow by providing several different features, such as email blast campaigns, social media management, and search engine optimization. Act-On delivers the best tools for any business that needs expert advice on how to grow their business! They want to make sure you succeed! Give Act-on a try today!

  3. SharpSpring

    SharpSpring is a comprehensive marketing automation suite that helps businesses grow by providing all of the necessary tools for customer outreach. It includes email blast campaigns, social media management, and search engine optimization to help businesses succeed and achieve success. They offer many valuable tools for any business that is looking for some expert advice on how to grow their business- take a look at what SharpSpring has to offer today!

  4. Marketo

    Marketo is a marketing automation software company that specializes in marketing automation software. Marketo helps businesses grow by providing a suite of different tools to help with customer outreach, including email blast campaigns, social media management, and search engine optimization. If you’re looking for expert advice on how to grow your business- try Marketo today and see what they have to offer!

  5. HubSpot

    HubSpot is an advertising platform that helps marketers and businesses succeed. They provide a variety of different marketing tools to help with customer outreach and lead generation.

  6. Oracle

    Oracle is a provider of on-demand software for information management, financial management, customer service, and more. Oracle first became known for its relational database solution, and it now offers several other major on-demand solutions.

  7. Hootsuite

    Hootsuite helps you manage your social media marketing. It’s a powerful way to collaborate with your team and keep track of everything going on outside the office—all from one place. With more than 15 million users, it can be used by nonprofits, government agencies, and Fortune 500 companies alike. Hootsuite puts the power in everyone’s hands to engage on social media more efficiently than ever before while managing your online reputation for success.

  8. ClickFunnels

    ClickFunnels is a trendy and widely-used marketing software that offers a suite of various tools to help with lead generation and customer outreach. They offer email blast campaigns, social media management, and search engine optimization to assist businesses in growing. With information on how to grow your business- take a look at what ClickFunnels has to offer today!

  9. Instapage

    Instapage is a simple way to create sales pages, landing pages, and lead magnets. Instapage offers you the opportunity to create the perfect marketing tool for your business needs. With a variety of different templates and themes, you will be able to find one that suits your brand best! Instapage also has a variety of pricing packages for businesses looking at different price ranges- take a look at what they have to offer today!

Lead Generation Tools

Lead Generation Tools: A vital part of every business owner’s job is to generate new leads. More often than not, the best way to create further information is through word-of-mouth and referrals, but it takes a lot of time and energy to drum up referrals and upsells. Lead generation tools can help you with this process–from generating more qualified prospects for your business to gathering information on them so you can reach out more effectively if you’re looking for some expert advice on how to attract new customers to your business– take a look at what lead generation tools have to offer today!

  1. OptinMonster

    OptinMonster makes it easy to increase your form’s conversion rate and grow your business. It centers on irresistible popups, dynamic squeeze pages, and optimized landing pages that optimize both conversions and sales. OptinMonster has helped a lot of companies build their online brands with this fantastic tool- take a look at what they have to offer today!

  2. Unbounce

    Unbounce is an enterprise application that helps you create purpose-driven landing pages, squeeze pages, and presentations to convert more leads. It’s packed full of useful features and is accessible to businesses of any size with a monthly pricing plan. If you’re looking for an easy way to convert more leads into customers– take a look at what Unbounce has to offer today!

  3. WPForms

    WPForms is a powerful WordPress plugin that allows you to create and manage forms for your website. It can be used to collect information from users or customers, or even for users to apply for a job, register their interest in a product or service, etc. With WPForms, your website will have forms at the push of a button.

  4. AeroLeads

    AeroLeads is an all-in-one Facebook and LinkedIn marketing software that serves as the middleman between you and your leads. AeroLeads combines features like lead generation, lead management, reporting, sales automation, and marketing automation into one powerful system to help you grow your business on autopilot. If you’re interested in getting more new customers for your company–take a look at what AeroLeads has to offer today!

  5. Datanyze

    The Datanyze API has been developed with the specific goal of reducing the time and effort required to build a competitive data-driven marketing platform.

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  6. Growbots

    Growbots is a powerful, all-in-one marketing automation suite for WordPress. With Growbot’s platform, you can turn your WordPress site into a fully-fledged online store with total order management and inventory control or get started with lead generation and conversion optimization out of the box. Growbots is natively integrated with WooCommerce for an all-in-one eCommerce experience. If you’re looking to grow your business using digital marketing–take a look at what Growbots has to offer today!

  7. Nimble

    Nimble is a powerful, all-in-one marketing automation suite for WordPress. With Growbot’s platform, you can turn your WordPress site into a fully-fledged online store with complete order management and inventory control or get started with lead generation and conversion optimization out of the box. Growbots is natively integrated with WooCommerce for an all-in-one eCommerce experience. Nimble provides excellent features to grow your business using digital marketing.

Video Marketing Tools

Using video marketing tools can let your customers see everything there is to know about you, what you do, and why they should hire you or buy your products. Video Marketing Tools allow businesses to create and publish marketing videos efficiently and effectively with tools that will help.

  1. Vidyard

    Vidyard is a leading video marketing and analytics platform for marketers and publishers. Vidyard brings together an extensive network of data and insights to understand how your videos are performing and what drives the best results.

  2. Hippo Video

    Hippo Video makes it easy for creators to share beautiful videos with the world. Whether you’re a photographer, videographer, animator, artist, or entrepreneur – Hippo Video helps you to unveil your best work.

  3. Wistia

    Wistia’s powerful video hosting platform makes it easy for you to grow your online audience and create a unique experience for your viewers. Wistia is the only video hosting platform that helps you to monetize your videos while giving you total control over everything from functionality to branding.

  4. Vimeo

    Vimeo is a well-known video hosting platform with lots of free features. Vimeo offers advertising options, unlimited storage, and automatic backups, and their mobile apps have integrations with YouTube, so you can use the same account for both platforms. If your business is worried about video marketing – look no further than Vimeo!

  5. Biteable

    Biteable is an online platform for eating and cooking. You can use it to find, talk about and share all your favorite recipes with friends. Biteable lets you discover the best restaurants in your area through eateries such as Gramercy Tavern, Kettle Black, and Blanca. If you’re interested in a more professional way of exploring restaurants – take a look at what Biteable has to offer today!

  6. Powtoon

    Powtoon is a web-based software product that offers users the ability to create animated, interactive presentations. PowToon is an accessible tool for businesses, education, and other professionals to spread their message creatively. Users can choose from different animation styles and characters while adding text boxes, hyperlinks, shapes, images, and other media to bring their ideas alive. PowToon’s easy-to-use interface makes it possible for even non-creative people to start using the program minutes after signing up. Join over five million others who are using PowToon – try it free today!

  7. Filmora

    Filmora is a powerful video editing software used for films, commercials, and videos. It has an intuitive interface that enables users to customize their preferences, allowing them to easily edit on a large variety of different operating systems. With its draggable timeline and the ability to make adjustments frame-by-frame, Filmora is highly customizable. The software also allows you to use the duplicate footage in multiple projects without needing to go back and re-edit it each time – perfect for quick edits!

Event Marketing Tools

What are event marketing tools available? There are several options for event marketing, from social media phone calls to email newsletters. Let’s explore the diversity of event marketing tools that can help your business get the word out about its events and activities!

  1. Meetup

    Meetup has been a leading platform that helps people organize and meet new and like-minded people. This online networking site is not an ordinary one because it plans to change the face of modern festivals by bringing them to your fingertips. What are you waiting for? Sign up now!

  2. Eventbrite

    Eventbrite, the world’s leading online event management platform, is helping organizers of live events to get their event details out into the world. You can use their website or app to search for events in your area that are relevant to you. Join 200 million others who are using Eventbrite – get started today!

  3. Yelp

    Yelp is a social networking and review website that helps consumers find local businesses. Search for a place by location, category, or community to help you gather information!

  4. Google Analytics

    Google Analytics is very good at gathering information about events, competition, and even your customers. This marketing tool is one of the most used in the world because of its powerful features.

  5. Calendly

    Calendly is a platform used to book appointments with people online. It has a simple interface, works on both mobile and desktop, and it’s easy to use for your call-backs without any setup time. You can also share your profile across social media or integrate the Calendly app with your business systems!

  6. Ticketmaster

    Ticketmaster is the leading pre-sale and ticketing service for events, concerts, operas, theater productions, family shows, festivals, and more. With excellent prices on tickets to any event near you – sign up today to stay ahead!

  7. AddEvent

    AddEvent is a website that has been created to connect people and promote events. From parties and concerts to conferences and even fundraisers, the site strives to keep its members in the loop when it comes to what’s going on today. Helping individuals find out about events near them is our primary goal – sign up for AddEvent free today!

  8. Eventable

    Eventable is a platform for event planners to help them find venues. The site has a simple interface and makes it easier for event organizers to find the perfect spot. Join the many others who’ve found their venue with Eventable – sign up today!

Lead Capture and Conversion Tools

Lead Capture and Conversion Tools are tools that can help you convert your prospects to customers. These tools allow users to capture more leads by limiting the number of questions a person needs to answer or steps they need to complete during a form’s process. The user experience is streamlined, which decreases the bounce rate of your website and increases conversion rates. When selecting a tool, there are four types you can choose from: Contact Us Applications, Lead Magnets, Lead Forms, and Landing Pages.

  1. UserTesting

    UserTesting is a website that helps businesses optimize websites for mobile devices. This company has been able to help make millions of dollars in revenue because of its expertise, customer reviews, and reputation.

  2. UserZoom

    UserZoom is the perfect tool to help you reach your customers! They offer many services that allow users to connect their website or app content with their audience. You can also create a landing page that highlights your products and other information, which helps increase conversions. Create an account today and start reaching more people with UserZoom!

  3. AB Tasty

    AB Tasty is a social media management company that specializes in creating beautiful content for its clients. They’ve developed an innovative way to share updates about your business, events, or products by using video, picture collages, and graphics. They create rich content that helps people see what’s happening in their day-to-day life. Their team manages the visuals of the accounts and updates all social media platforms on your behalf of you!

  4. Crazy Egg

    Crazy Egg is a software tool that will help you make sense of your website’s data. One of the main features is heatmaps, which show you how visitors interact with your website. You can also find out where people are clicking on your site and compare this to what they’re looking at.

  5. Qualaroo

    Qualaroo is a platform that allows users to understand how they’re interacting with their website. This software is built with the focus of making it easy for businesses and organizations to understand what it is people are looking at, which helps produce more informed decisions.

  6. Mabaya

    Mabaya is a web design platform that creates attractive web pages, blog posts, and newsletters. This platform includes tools for creating sliders, infographics, and videos. Some tools help you build your website faster, like the drag-and-drop content editor.

  7. Survicate

    Survicate is a website that helps organizations to make sense of their data. This platform is built with the focus of making it easy for businesses and organizations to understand what it is people are looking at, which helps produce more informed decisions.

Business Intelligence Tools

Business Intelligence (BI) is the effective and efficient extraction of meaningful information from data sources for analysis. The term refers to a set of tools, software, and analytical techniques used to extract valuable meaning from data gathered from one or more sources. It’s also about turning that information into insights that can be acted on to help grow the enterprise.

  1. Domo

    Domo is an all-in-one BI tool that gives you the power of data. This service provides you with insights for operating your business, communicating better with your customers, and answering questions that have always puzzled or intimidated you. With Domo’s help, you can finally understand the power of data in a way that’s never been possible before!

  2. Zoho Analytics

    Zoho Analytics is an analytics tool that creates interactive reports and charts for easy data analysis. With the help of this tool, you can transform up to 400,000 rows of data into insights in less than 60 seconds!

  3. MicroStrategy

    MicroStrategy is a web-based business intelligence (BI) suite that is designed to collect, store, and analyze data. This product includes an assortment of analytics tools like reports, dashboards, widgets, and charts.

  4. GoodData

    GoodData is the latest form of analytics software. Businesses have been able to see their data for a long time. Now, with the help of this tool, marketers can merge CRM data with web visitor information and be able to make sense of what’s happening on both sides. They offer easy-to-use reports and dashboards that give insight into how people are using your company’s social media channels, website, and mobile app.

  5. QlikView

    QlikView is a powerful analytics tool that lets you explore and visualize data in various ways. With its help, you can create charts, tables, text reports, and dashboards that have a real-time link to the database. This software is built with the focus of making it easy for businesses and organizations to understand what it is people are looking at, which helps make more informed decisions.

  6. SAP

    Please write a brief about SAP a software company that offers SAP software as a suite of integrated applications to help companies run their business. It’s also one of the world’s largest providers of enterprise resource planning software to companies in all industries and sizes.

  7. Netsuite

    Netsuite is a company that provides consulting and implementation services in the area of cloud computing. They work with various companies to help them address issues concerning data centers, network infrastructures, software deployments, and security.

Digital Asset Management Tools

Many companies are now using Digital Asset Management tools to store their information. These tools assist people in managing their content, media, and other assets on the Internet. The use of these tools has made the storage of data easier for these companies.

  1. Bynder

    Bynder acts as a digital asset management tool. It includes a variety of tools to help companies manage their content and assets online by making it easier for them to search and find all the information they need.

  2. Monday

    Monday is an advertising platform that offers a new way for brands to make their message viral by creating and distributing short animated videos.

  3. ClickUp

    ClickUp is a tool that helps brands reach their audience. With the help of this service, you can create engaging and immersive content for your audience. Think about what your target audience would like to see, and then create content accordingly. They also offer an easy way to share the video with your followers on different platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

  4. Asana

    Asana is an agile project management software for teams and companies that use the Agile methodology. It’s designed to help teams manage projects and tasks with ease. This tool allows people to organize their workflow, share tasks, keep track of progress, and get everyone involved in what they’re doing.

  5. ProofHub

    ProofHub is an all-in-one project management software. It includes features like Gantt charts, time tracking, file sharing, and task lists. This tool also comes with the capability to have real-time conversations whilst collaborating on projects.

  6. Smartsheet

    Smartsheet is a cloud-based digital spreadsheet that helps companies store, organize, and access digital spreadsheets. It allows people to create reports and dashboards in real-time, along with many other features. This tool also includes the capability to work with a large group of different users, which helps keep everyone connected and updated on what is going on throughout the day.

  7. Kissflow

    Kissflow is a mobile app for businesses and organizations to get their marketing materials in front of audiences on the go. With this tool, brands can create professional-quality videos, photos, and content that are optimized for mobile devices. It also has features like automated text captions (wherever you’re watching), exclusive targeting, and easy-to-use templates that help you to create your video in a few minutes only!

  8. Data Reporting and Analytics Tools

    One of the reasons many small businesses struggle is that they don’t have enough information about their customers. Data-reporting tools provide companies with the ability to know exactly how their business is performing, as well as offer insights into what needs to be done to improve it.

    These apps help your company make more informed decisions and give you valuable data so that you can make improvements and grow your business.

  9. R programming

    R Programming is a mixed-model statistical software package that is designed to help people manage, analyze and visualize data. R is an open-source programming language and software environment for statistical computing and graphics. It was developed by Ross Ihaka, Robert Gentleman, and John Chambers in 1996.

  10. Google Data Studio

    Google Data Studio is an integrated, cloud-based reporting and dashboarding tool that’s easy to use and allows you to visualize any type of data. Google Data Studio is a flexible and powerful reporting tool for Excel. It offers built-in templates along with the ability to create new templates for your specific needs, such as data tables or graphs so that you can deliver customized reports with ease.

    The templates offer a selection of rich visuals and layouts, which include charts, gauges, maps, sparklines, and more. The reports can be exported in PDF format or shared via Google Slides links.

  11. Metabase

    Metabase is a web-based platform that’s designed to provide an interface for people to store and analyze their data. It’s made up of intuitive modules as well as foundational components so that companies or any business can set up its framework. Metabase has been built with the best practices in mind and offers a technical stack that includes NodeJS, AngularJS, MongoDB, and Python.

  12. IBM Cloud Pak for Data

    IBM Cloud Pak for Data is an analytics tool that has been designed to allow people to store and analyze their data. The product includes features like sensor data integration, visualization tools, and collaborative tools.

  13. TechTarget

    TechTarget is an online service that provides information about technology and the business world. TechTarget offers a wide range of reports with advice on how to stay competitive, new technology trends, and industry news. It also aims to provide users with insights into what’s next in the way of digital transformation.

  14. Microsoft Excel

    Microsoft Excel is a powerful spreadsheet that has so many features and capabilities, and it’s also one of the most popular tools ever. This program allows you to work with text, numbers, formulas, and graphs. You can use a host of different functions to get the information that you need from your data for analysis.

  15. Apache Storm

    Apache Storm is a distributed real-time computation system. Storm makes it easy to reliably process unbounded streams of data, doing for real-time processing what Hadoop did for batch processing. The Storm is free and open source.

  16. Hive

    Hive is a Scalable and Distributed SQL Database that can be run on any hardware, including the cloud. It offers an easy-to-use interface with interactive querying capabilities that allow users to quickly gain insights from their data. This program also lets you create simple functions for analysis purposes which are compiled when it’s necessary, as opposed to just executing them in memory all of the time.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tools

Search engine optimization is a process of optimizing a website so that it appears at the top of search engine rankings, including Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. It’s important to note that there are many SEO tools available that can help you increase your rankings. These tools will help you get on the first page on Google or Bing without all of the hassle or cost!

1. SEMrush

SEMrush is the world’s leading source of web-based marketing intelligence, delivering actionable insights to help companies grow their business, enhance their brand and achieve their marketing goals.

Looking for a tool to get your business ahead of the competition? SEMrush delivers insights such as online visibility analysis, SEO ranking analysis, and market share. It offers in-depth keyword data research and a competitive rank-tracking service too.

2. Moz

Moz provides an understanding of how the Internet works, what it will look like in the future, and how to enjoy it. This company offers tools for both beginners and power users alike. It’s simplified ranking reports which allow you to track your site’s progress even if you’re not tech-savvy.

3. Ahrefs

Ahrefs or is a very popular website-based tool that allows you to see in detail what your competitors are doing. It provides you with a list of keywords and their traffic, plus it also helps you build backlinks, which will help your site increase its ranking on search engines like Google.

4. Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a tool that helps marketers increase their search engine rankings. The agency provides essential information about its website, including the number of organic visitors and referral traffic, as well as the keywords that brought these people to its site.

5. KWFinder

KWFinder is the ultimate tool for researching and finding new keywords. This tool analyzes your competitors’ keywords to help you find related content and potential avenues of the market. KWFinder is also an easy-to-use keyword research tool with several features that can help you create relevant content, such as search volume, trends, and competition analysis.

6. Answer The Public

Answer The Public is a powerful online tool that can help you find what people are asking about topics you care about. It’s designed to be easy to use and provides insights that can drive both marketing and business decisions.

7. Siteliner

SiteLiner is a web-based software program that analyzes the SEO of your website. It also provides you with a list of recommendations from Google’s Webmaster Guidelines to help you get your website optimized for better search engine rankings.

8. Woorank

Woorank is the complete website auditing and ranking tool for all businesses. With our keyword rank tracker, domain analyzer, social media insight, and many other features, we let you track important metrics and KPIs to understand your digital footprint and take charge of your growth.

7. BuzzStream

BuzzStream provides different ways to reach people on Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, and Facebook. BuzzStream is best for someone who has many social media accounts.

BuzzStream is an excellent tool for finding new contacts on the web that are opinion leaders or influencers in your industry. It can be used as a powerful mass email tool also with the help of templates. The templates are simple to use and will not take any time at all to set up!

Website Optimization and CRO Tools

Website Optimization is the practice of improving the design, content, navigation, and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of a website. This can be done through a variety of tools, including Google Analytics, A/B testing, bounce rate optimization, and conversion rate optimization. SiteLiner offers these services and more to help you grow your business online.

CRO is simply short for Conversion Rate Optimization-a strategy used by marketers to make their products more attractive to potential customers who want to buy or sign up for service(s) offered on websites. It’s a well-established marketing technique that comes with its own set of tactics, such as email templates on how best to execute CRO marketing campaigns. 


Qualaroo is a tool for web-based user feedback that helps you to understand how your audience feels about your products or service. This tool will help you get insight into what people are thinking and how best to address any problems before they turn into customers.


Qualtrics is one of the most powerful and popular survey-research tools that is used by leading international brands. It provides everything that a person needs to run a successful survey-from a tool for designing surveys and capturing responses to advanced reporting and data analysis. Qualtrics is easy to use for anyone who wants to ask questions and get answers.


Optimonk is a tool that helps you to get in touch with real customers. Billed as an “online customer care software,” Optimonk features a live chat support capability, an automated email follow-up system, and other tools that allow you to manage your customer service effectively. You can also export your data in CSV or Excel formats for use with third-party programs. With Optimonk, keeping your company happy is never too hard!


Smartlook is a desktop software that gives you complete control over your screen. It allows you to record everything on your screen as if it were a high-quality video camera, even with audio, so you can capture anything from step-by-step tutorials to demonstrations. Create recordings of up to 150 minutes long and convert them into mp4 format for use on YouTube or Vimeo. Record webcam footage of yourself and share tutorials with the world!


Heap is an easy-to-use analytics platform that will help you grow your business by taking advantage of data. Brands like Lyft, Sephora, and Shopify trust Heap to power their businesses because it lets them get deep insights into their users’ behavior. With the free version, get real-time stats on critical metrics like revenue and conversions (or use the super-fast premium plan for unlimited reports).


Pendo is a cloud-based online survey platform that helps companies understand customer needs and wants. It allows companies to collect feedback from their current customers, along with new prospects through email, social media, and other channels. With no complicated technology to install or maintain, it’s easy for your employees to create surveys today!


LuckyOrange is a video chat tool for businesses that connect organizations with their customers, partners, and employees. It helps you to provide customer service, organize meetings and train new hires. It’s built for companies of all sizes, from startups to Fortune 100, who want a reliable, easy-to-use web conferencing solution.


Smartsupp is a cloud-based online platform for businesses that helps users organize and conduct effective meetings. It’s the perfect solution for large companies who want to keep their teams connected and on the same page with clear, concise communication.

Pure Chat

Pure Chat is one of the most popular software for conducting business meetings and connecting with your team. With award-winning customer service, it is easy to use, has a modern design, and includes built-in video conferencing. Using this software in your workday will help you become more organized and efficient for all those meetings you have to attend each day!

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tools

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools are a must-have for any company looking to grow. But what is a CRM? Essentially, it is a tool that helps you get to know your customers better and makes it simpler to take care of them. Some features that may be included in a CRM are the following:


Pipedrive is a CRM that effortlessly syncs with your favorite cloud storage services and integrates seamlessly into your existing apps. It’s the perfect CRM for small and mid-sized companies who want to make sure they’re giving their customers the best service possible.


Freshsales is an online CRM software that helps small and midsize companies communicate with their customers. This CRM tool allows you to stay organized while you’re in the hustle and bustle of your day-to-day life.


Salesforce is a powerful, cloud-based CRM software that helps companies of all sizes. Give your team a boost with Salesforce and take your customer service to the next level!


SharpSpring is an integrated marketing solution that will help you grow your business. It includes the following features:

– Demographic filters to reach your customers, leads, and other prospects wherever they are online

– A/B campaign testing to identify which marketing campaigns are most effective (saving you time and money)  

– Turn visitors into leads with targeted landing pages  

– Build personalized email campaigns for each prospect or lead

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a powerful business management software that empowers your team to sell smarter and work together more effectively. It can be used in a variety of industries, including retail, healthcare, and education. To help you get started, Microsoft offers a free 30-day trial!


Freshdesk is a cloud-based online customer service software that enables your business to grow. This easy-to-use CRM will help you keep on top of all your customer’s needs, from sending a simple acknowledgment email to managing their support ticket from start to end. They offer a free 30-day trial so find out why Freshdesk is the perfect CRM for any company!

Sugar Sell

Sugar Sell is one of the most popular online customer service software that helps you attract, engage, and retain your customers. Its features include:

– The ability to send personalized emails using their website template 

– The ability to create reply messages tailored specifically to each customer’s needs and responses with pre-written text templates  

– It also has an interactive chat system for quick responses!

Lead Nurturing and Email Marketing Tools

There are lead nurturing and email marketing tools that can be used to help grow your customer base. It is easy to find such software with a quick search of the Internet or by asking friends and family members who may use such types of software for their businesses.

Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is an online marketing software that is an excellent option for small and mid-sized businesses because it’s easily adaptable to your needs. It helps you create email campaigns, send personalized messages to your customers, build landing pages, and grow your customer base with ease! Whether you’re looking for a CRM tool or want to get in touch with your customers on social media or websites like Instagram or Facebook, this could be a perfect way forward!


AWeber is one of the world’s leading providers of email marketing software. Unlike other CRM tools, AWeber helps you get emails read by your customer base by developing content-rich, engaging messages that will help you showcase your company in the best possible way.


Hunter is an email marketing software that provides great tools for building your customer base. With its focus on personalization, it should help you create emails your customers will love to read. You can also send targeted messages to groups of people by using its A/B testing feature. It also lets you save time and money with campaign planning software! Find out why Hunter is the perfect CRM for any company!


Saleshandy is a CRM tool that provides tailored email campaigns for every customer who subscribes to your list. Its features include: 

– Transactional emails sent directly from the Saleshandy platform

– A/B testing capabilities   

– Accessibility from any device with a browser and mobile-optimized designs

Right Inbox

Right Inbox is a CRM solution that helps you stay engaged with your prospects and customers. With features like scheduling messages to be sent, later on, sending messages on behalf of your team members, and the ability to view all of your notifications in one place, it’s easy to understand why Right Inbox has become so popular within the industry! They offer a free 30-day trial, so if you’re looking for some help managing all of those connections, this could be the perfect software for you.


Active Campaign is an online marketing software that helps you run your email marketing campaigns. With features like A/B testing, the ability to create emails tailored to your customer’s specific needs, and more, it’s easy to see why Active Campaign has grown in popularity with such a wide range of businesses.

Inside Sales Box

Inside Sales Box is an email marketing software that helps businesses run their email campaigns. With features like A/B testing, the ability to create emails tailored to your customer’s specific needs, and more, it’s easy to see why Inside Sales Box has grown in popularity with such a wide range of businesses.


Mailchimp is one of the most popular email marketing platforms on the market today. With a wide range of content-rich templates, you can create dynamic and personalized emails that will help you engage with your customers in a way that other software can’t offer. Mailchimp also provides an animated GIF maker to help you create those unique, one-of-a-kind images that will help seal the deal with any customer or prospect.


GetResponse is a CRM tool that helps you manage all of your connections. You can easily schedule messages, send messages on behalf of your team members and view all of your notifications in one place! If you’re looking for CRM software, this could be the perfect solution for you.

Content Creation and Design Tools

Content creation tools let you easily publish your message to social media, websites, blogs, and other places on the Internet. There are a variety of reasons why these resources can benefit your company. First, you get a ton of features that let you quickly share your content across different sites and devices – this means more visibility for your business! Second, these resources have templates for pretty much any situation, so you won’t have to spend extra time creating designs for blog posts or Facebook ads. Finally, they will automatically schedule when new content is posted, so life gets easier the more tools you learn how to use!

Take a look at some of the most popular tools:


Canva is a tool that is designed to make it easy for you to create designs. You can design graphics, mockups, advertisements, and even business cards on the web or your desktop! The great thing about this tool is that you can use their design templates or start designing right away. Their designs are made with an intuitive interface, so it won’t take long before you create eye-catching layouts using the power of Canva.


Giphy is the ultimate image search engine. It lets you see the world’s biggest and best memes, GIFs, and videos. From memes to cats, this site has it all – with a clean interface for easy navigation. You can even save your searches, so you don’t have to type out what you’re looking for every time! What’s more, Giphy offers an option that allows users to add their content without the hassle! Their website is available in many languages, and they support mobile sites as well. What are you waiting for? Type some search terms into Giphy right now!

Hemingway App

Hemingway App is a content-editing tool that helps you perfect your writing for the web. It helps fix common mistakes in your prose while also letting you highlight sections to review word usage and sentence structure. This software is perfect if you’re trying to write more eloquently or are looking for a new style, so be sure to give it a try!


Grammarly is a grammar-checking and spelling-checking program designed to help users correct their work right in the text box. This software is perfect if you’re trying to write more eloquently or are looking for a new style, so be sure to give it a try!

Jasper ai

Machine learning has come a long way in recent years, and it’s allowing for great power to be given to users. This software is perfect if you’re trying to improve your marketing or sales efforts, so be sure to give it a try!

Jasper AI is a self-learning machine copywriting tool that can help you write better content faster than ever before. With its ability to learn from human writers, the piece of software can create text that will exceed your expectations.


Surfer is an SEO tool that helps you optimize your content for search engine results. This software is perfect if you’re trying to rank on Google, so be sure to give it a try!

Having a tool that helps you optimize your content for search engine results is fantastic in this day and age when search engines are constantly changing.

INK Editor

INK Editor is an online platform that helps designers create custom responsive websites and apps to share their work with the world. With its ease of use, it’s an excellent tool to offer your design services on, and it’s a perfect option for small businesses. Whether you want to build a site for yourself or grow your business, this tool can help!


ProWritingAid is a writing assistant that helps you with your vocabulary, grammar, and style. With just a click of a button, it can find words for you to use in your content, so you don’t have to spend hours searching for the perfect dish.


WordTune is an automatic content editor that creates original, human-like articles with just a few clicks. The software will generate five different articles based on your keywords, and each piece will be written with a different vocabulary and sentence structure. WordTune makes it easy for you to go over the text to edit your message before publishing it – all without the pain of having to write out sentences yourself!

Social Media Tools

Some tools are essential for social media marketing. Social media marketing has never been so easy! With the apps and tools you now have at your fingertips, you can do amazing things in a short amount of time. Here are some of the most popular options:


Buffer is a social media management system that allows users to schedule posts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Users can also post custom messages on their Facebook Page or give priority to tweets by tweeting out at specific times.


Hootsuite is the most popular social media management tool in the world right now. Hootsuite makes it easy for you to manage social media for your business and keep your engagement up to date. One of the best features of this software is its one-click scheduling on a variety of different social platforms, which allows you to set deadlines and priorities for posts without paying attention to every single detail.


Brand24 is an amazing tool for marketers who are looking to get in front of their audiences. This app allows users to understand what their target audience is searching and talking about through the various channels they are using. Utilizing data that can help you create a strong brand identity, Brand24 will help you take your business to new heights!


BuzzSumo is an app that can help you brainstorm new content ideas. It analyzes what content is popular on the web and social media, allowing you to see where your audience is hanging out online.

However, one of its most interesting features is that it will allow you to find influencers in your industry so you can work with them for sponsored content opportunities.


Biteable lets you easily create videos from your phone. Simply share a picture with Biteable, and it will do all the magic for you. With different effects, filters, and even the ability to add music (like in a movie trailer!), Biteable is an excellent tool for anyone who wants to make their content more creative without having much experience with video editing software.


SocialFlow is the leading social media management platform, which allows you to schedule posts, measure results, and find new followers. With their set-it-and-forget-it approach, you can take back your time by delegating the most time-consuming tasks like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), registration of online assets, and fixing errors.


Oktopost is among the most comprehensive A/B split testing platforms on the market today. Using Oktopost, you can test your mobile and web landing pages, email templates, and blog posts with up to 100% control. Oktopost supports conversion tracking, pop-ups, images, audio, and more – all in one seamless interface!


Falcon is the world’s only legitimate, data-driven platform for influencer management. Their software automates influencer outreach and measurement for brands so you can focus on what matters: Influencer content creation and promotion.


SmarterQueue is an intuitive queue management system that allows you to see your queues in real-time. You can easily sort them, filter them and delete them without needing to go into different tabs.

Team Communication and Collaboration Tools

Team collaboration and communication tools are essential to today’s workplace. These platforms allow employees to communicate big or small, whether they need to share a document with their team or discuss an idea with co-workers in real time. There are many different options out there, but here are some that have been used by many other companies:


Zoom is an online video and web conferencing service for businesses. Zoom allows users to connect using one-on-one, group, or enterprise sessions.

With Zoom’s instant messaging system, you can share screens or recordings with colleagues to make tasks easier or discuss the next steps together. Zoom is compatible with all devices, including Macs, PCs, tablets, and smartphones – so it can be used to connect virtually anywhere.


GoToMeeting is one of the leading web conferencing solutions in the world. It provides powerful collaboration tools to all your colleagues, regardless of their location.

The service allows for any time, anywhere meetings, with up to 25 participants per meeting. With GoToMeeting’s drag-and-drop interface and its elegant drag-and-drop UI design, collaborating with colleagues has never been easier!

Google Docs

Google Docs lets you create and edit documents in real-time with others, collaborate in teams, share your work with anyone, and access docs from any internet-connected computer or mobile device. These features make Google Docs an ideal tool for those working on projects together.


Podio is your online workspace for all your team’s projects. You can use Podio to manage all of your tasks, files, discussions, and more, which you share with specific members of your team. These tools are designed to be intuitive and straightforward so that you can easily use them with no experience in project management or IT systems.


LaunchPass is a valuable tool for freelancers and entrepreneurs. It allows you to create your brand, connect with others to build your network, and earn money while you’re at it!


Drag is a powerful tool for simplifying marketing and communication. Drag allows you to easily manage your marketing efforts across all channels in one place.


Yammer is a social collaboration platform for organizations of all sizes. With Yammer, you can be at the center of your team’s conversations, make and receive updates, share files with colleagues, and more. Whether you’re looking for a way to increase productivity or stay in touch with your company across the globe, Yammer has been designed to meet your needs while keeping things simple. To learn more about what makes this tool stand out from other team collaboration tools, or get started on building your network on Yammer today!


The marketing tools listed in the article are powerful for their capabilities and easy to use. These tools allow for networking, collaboration, and more. They are used by many different companies across the world!

Thanks for reading, and feel free to share it!

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